Tourism Mnagement Consultancy

From our Tourism Managemeny Consultacy, we offer services and strategies to help travel & tourism companies of all sizes define and communicate their message, with the ultimate objective of increasing visitation and spend. We craft thoughtful marketing plans distinctive to each client’s unique positioning and provide comprehensive real-time assessment tools to ensure the execution of strategies is resulting in desired success.

With worldwide relationships in key global markets, SELAMINA Consulting provides a complete start-to-finish portfolio of services to tell your story on a global stage. More than a destination marketing agency, we offer a comprehensive toolkit to help your organization stand out, while measuring progress against your key performance indicators (KPIs) using comprehensive real-time assessment tools.

We analyze your current positioning, strengths, and weaknesses and compare your product, experience, and pricing to competitive destinations. We evaluate your destination’s current logistical system to gauge local supplier readiness, and our market experts will conduct site research and meet with key tourism stakeholders – local tourism officials, airports, hotels, attractions, ports, restaurants, and others  – and evaluate the current product as it applies to each target market. Understanding that your travel or tourism organization has both internal and external stakeholders, we are able to recommend and implement training programs and product development options, as well as provide key insights into your target domestic and international customers.

Tourism Product Development

We analyze and evaluate existing tourism product, identify appropriate and profitable segments, and respond to market challenges by recommending enhancements to improve the customers’ experience before, during, and after their trip.

The global tourism industry is on the rise, and, thanks to the transparency that the internet and social media provide, destinations need to work harder than ever to attract the right kind of visitors and connect with them in new and exciting ways while delivering a rich, enticing message.

To help your destination or organization compete and thrive, SELAMINA Tours Consulting will analyze and evaluate your existing tourism product, identify appropriate niche and special interest leisure segments, and respond to market challenges by recommending enhancements.
We can also develop programs for Group and MICE markets and adapt unique
experience-based product for a larger travel market.

Tourism Product Development Capabilities:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your destination or organization
  • Explore potential unique selling propositions that you may not be aware of or are not promoting
  • Identify emerging or previously untargeted niche segments that may have a high level of interest in your product
  • Analyze your existing infrastructure, itineraries, and marketing and outreach programs to help make your destination even more appealing to the group and MICE markets.
  • Offer strategies for modernizing your interactions with visitors before, during, and after their trip
  • We provide you: 
    • Strategic Planning
    • Market research
    • Tourism statistics
    • Niche market reports
    • Product development
    • Branding & marketing

Crisis Management-Travel & Tourism

Strategic, proactive crisis management is paramount to retaining a consistent, positive image and staying top-of-mind among the travel trade and consumer communities during situations affecting travel and tourism.

Strategic, proactive crisis management is paramount to retaining a consistent, positive image and staying top-of-mind among the travel trade and consumer communities during situations affecting travel and tourism. Even if there is a temporary halt in immediate travel purchases, it is imperative that destinations continue to inspire travelers and drive their desire to visit when the time is right. SELAMINA Consulting has supported destinations and travel companies around the world through a variety of crises – from natural disasters and terrorism to global health pandemics, crimes against visitors, boycotts, and more.

Taking a three-step approach to every crisis, we create and implement a comprehensive, customized plan to keep consumers, the media, and the travel trade updated on the situation in the destination through a variety of complementary efforts. Phases One and Two utilize crisis communications and digital marketing to provide vital information to key audiences and uphold the destination or travel company’s reputation. Phase Three focuses on crisis management services ranging from social media and public relations to revenue management and trade outreach to support the destination’s awareness and constituents during the recovery period. Our team understands the requirement to act quickly during times of crises, and can launch successful crisis management programs inclusive of new policies and trainings in a few days’ time.

Investment Consulting

Our team’s experience, connections, and knowledge will help you identify tourism investment priorities and adapt to make the most of changing market conditions from increasing lodging supply to improving infrastructure and beyond.

Looking beyond strategy, sales and marketing, public relations and promotions, SELAMINA Consulting identifies needs and areas for stimulating investment. Our team’s experience and network of relationships in the hospitality and tourism industries, combined with our foresight on global economic growth trends, enable us to guide you through the expansion process.

After defining a path forward that will balance your sustainability needs with the benefits of tourism growth, we will develop a hospitality investment “map”, outlining the geographic regions that are in need of immediate room supply and recommending the appropriate hotel product (eco-lodge, convention hotel, etc.). When you are ready to secure investors, we will identify potential audiences and directly connect your development team to appropriate forums, conferences, and events to present your opportunities and ensure you have the appropriate collateral needed to bring your ideas to life with potential investors. Utilizing the full scope of our resources, we will provide all of the support necessary to ensure you secure funding, whether that is a complementary public relations outreach campaign, a speaking opportunity in front of a target audience, or an event to bring your future project to life in front of key decision makers.

Marketing Campaigns & Advertising

An integrated marketing campaign that incorporates both traditional and digital channels will keep your company or organization in focus. We design strategic marketing and advertising plans, gather and create image and content components, and implement and track placements to ensure success.

With thousands of travel & tourism organizations and hospitality brands vying for a traveler’s attention during every trip search, marketing campaigns and advertisements are essential to keep your product top of mind. Beautiful images, engaging text, and the proper placement of advertisements help the travel trade and consumers better understand the rich appeal of your tourism offerings. SELAMINA Consulting plans, designs, executes, and tracks results from a fully integrated marketing campaign solution.

To ensure that you are always shown in the best light, our team systematically consolidates and updates important images and text content, coordinates photoshoots and video shoots, as needed, and helps your staff and partners locate the perfect resources for their own marketing requirements. We will also design new collateral in multiple languages and distribute this to your stakeholders and customers, if desired.

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